We love Vikings!  Let's face it, many Brits and Irish have Viking blood.  Curious about their favorite fighting beverage, we have been exploring mead.  It's a simple, but complex little animal to brew.  However, with our Viking DNA kicking in, we've made some dynamite meads.

The first one was, well.. a little strong, Aaaahhhh.  Think of molten gold running down your throat while standing on an Icelandic hot spring.

We've gotten better matching the flavors, alcohol content and balance.  That's good for us, but not so good for our customers and friends.  Why?  Because in NJ we cannot have a meadery on site with a brewery.  Government and its rues...

Don't worry our attorney is working on a creative solution.  In the meantime, if you ask for a serving of Olaf's special ale - you might get a surprise!

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