About Us

Who We Are


We are brewers.  Starting in 1991, we brewed our first beer.  It was an India Pale Ale, well before they became popular.  Curious about the beer's heritage and learning about the need for the Brits to brew an ale that could stand up to the rigors of traveling to India, they created the IPA.

Our first batch was actually pretty good, hoppy, a little cloudy and full bodied.  We are still working on our IPA at Wharton.  Once it meets our standards, we will be happy to share with you!

We are purists and so most of our beers comply with the German Beer Purity Law of 1516 - water, barley, hops.  Note that it did not list yeast...  That's because in 1516 they didn't know about yeast.  However, any flavored brews, or brews enhanced by any other means will not comply with the Beer Purity Law, but don't worry, they're still purely delicious!



The Freshest Ingredients



Our water comes from the pure aquifers under the Wharton State Forest. These aquifers are comprised of water filtered through hundreds of feet of sand and light. It is one of the purest aquifers in the US, despite it being in New Jersey!

Malted barley.

We use the finest grains to make our brews.


We use fresh hops appropriate for each beer style. Some hops are better for aroma than bitterness. We hand select the hops used and match their characteristics to the brew being crafted. In summertime, we even use fresh locally grown hops for even more flavor and aromas.


Estonian Colonial Stout


Brewed by us exclusively.

Estonian Colonial Stout is a custom brewed stout, created by Wharton Brewing Co.  It honors the spirit of the Estonians while respecting their Russian history.