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Thanks to our friends at Cleveland Whiskey, we are aging a barrel of our Estonian Colonial Stout in one of their 55 gallon barrels.  Stay tuned for its release!  Should be special...  Thanks Cleveland Whiskey!
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We did it, we created a unique yeast strain for our stouts.  This strain is a complex strain that behaves like an ale yeast but can continue to thrive in oxygen deprived worlds to continue making alcohol from sugars well beyond normal ale yeast levels.  Plus, adds a unique flavor, too.  Check them out -…
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We love Vikings!  Let's face it, many Brits and Irish have Viking blood.  Curious about their favorite fighting beverage, we have been exploring mead.  It's a simple, but complex little animal to brew.  However, with our Viking DNA kicking in, we've made some dynamite meads. The first one was, well.. a little strong, Aaaahhhh.  Think…
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